Become Part of the Virtual Program by Submitting a Poster Abstract

You are invited to share your story of improvement by poster presentation at the Lean Healthcare Academic Conference from Stanford.

Despite the change to a virtual event, we remain committed to building the Lean Healthcare Academic Conference around your contributions. Together, through your stories of improvement, we will deepen our understanding of the application of Lean Thinking during this COVID-19 crisis and beyond. This year we invite you to submit poster abstracts that share your lean application, experiences or improvement work under two different categories:

Category 1:  How was Lean Thinking and Practice used in your organization in preparation, implementation and sustaining its COVID-19 response? Or as a consequence of the COVID-19 experience, what management capability and improvement infrastructure is your organization considering to support working differently in the future?

Category 2:  What other important improvement work was undertaken and your organization is committed to continuing to ensure success despite the disruption?  

This year’s program will include the formal presentation of a limited number of selected posters in facilitated sessions, and an opportunity for all other posters to be displayed on a virtual poster board with the chance to chat with authors as part of the program. 

Stories are welcomed from all clinical settings and support areas as this is a great way to uncover the breadth and depth of the lean improvement effort in the academic healthcare setting and build a stronger community of practice. If you have a story to share please submit an abstract by July 8, 2020. 

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