The Virtual Lean Healthcare Academic Conference FROM Stanford – CONFERENCE RECORDINGS NOW AVAILABLE!

This year the Lean Healthcare Academic Conference was a virtual event hosted over two days and since we last convened in October 2019, our organizations and communities have changed extensively. We do things differently and the methods and practices used today may not be fit for purpose to respond to the challenges or opportunities of tomorrow. We have learned a lot about solving problems quickly, learning fast, being alert for the unexpected and being adaptable to accommodate the changing demands on our organizations and teams. As a community we have a lot to share and learn from each other and we certainly managed to accomplish this during our two days together this year.

This year we focused on how Lean Thinking and Practice was used in preparation, implementation and sustaining the COVID-19 response in healthcare. We also looked beyond COVID-19 to related challenges, opportunities and deepening our understanding of improvement as a consequence of what we have learned.

Although nothing can replace face to face contact, this years virtual conference opened up new opportunities. We extended our reach, with an increased ability to connect internationally across continents and time zones whilst building and strengthening our network. We established quickly that many are struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and there was much knowledge to share to enable us to take better care for our patients, our teams and ourselves.

We were pleased to have continued our commitment to a program that predominantly featured participant contributions through posters and facilitated discussion and we were particularly excited to welcome so many participants from all corners of the globe who dealt with the range of time zones to share in this wonderful and grateful opportunity of learning from each other.

We hope all of those participating enjoyed this time together and we look forward to hopefully seeing all of you together in one place next year!

Our Award Acknowledgements 2020